Phoenix Rising (Songwriting + Poetry)

5th Isle 4th Row (Poetry)

O Come All Ye Faithful (Arrgt + Poetry)

General Postcard (front)

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Evoking the spirit of the Psalms, The Ascension Project is a compilation aimed at worshiping God through music, song, and poetry. The Ascension Project reminds listeners that communion with God can ignite their faith in order to uplift, heal and overcome. It is a testimony of the love, grace, and redemption of God expressed as notes, melody, and verse.

Once you listen, you will be blessed, and you will remember that you were born to ascend.

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Ascension: The Live Experience
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Helping Young Writers Find Their Voice

Tavares is a co-founder of VerbalEyze, a non-profit organization aimed at  fosters, promoting and supporting the development and professional growth of emerging teenage and young adult writers, ages thirteen through twenty-two. The organization strives to help them develop as writers and find their voice as they mature.

Initiatives that support this objective include providing access to public performance spaces, writers workshops, and publication opportunities.

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