The Ascension Project Music

Evoking the spirit of the Psalms, The Ascension Project is a compilation aimed at worshiping God through music, song, and poetry. The Ascension Project reminds listeners that communion with God can ignite their faith in order to uplift, heal and overcome. It is a testimony of the love, grace, and redemption of God expressed as notes, melody, and verse. The project is written by Tavares Stephens, executive produced by Tavares Stephens and John Beal, and produced by Tavares Stephens and Kristofer Goodall. The Ascension Project features the dynamic vocals of Mathina Mitchell, Michael Mahaffey and D’liverance, Darriel Bailey, Tiffany Adams, and Jason Sylvain. It also features the inspirational poetry of Tavares Stephens. Once you listen, you will be blessed, and you will remember that you were born to ascend.