Education Workshops

Tavares offers seminars and presentations to teachers, youth and adults.


DREAM (An Exploration of Creative Writing)
At the age of twelve, Tavares penned his first poem. By the age of eighteen, he was writing vociferously and had a collection of over 100 pieces. By the age of twenty-one, Tavares landed his first book contract and since then he’s written feature freelance editorials and created spoken word media.
Through all of his accomplishments, Tavares understands the energy creative writing can bring to the author and to his/her audiences. In Tavares’ workshop, he shares ideas, techniques, and strategies that aid young writers in finding their voice and their presence on stage. Combining his experiences as a teacher, writer, and performer, he shows students how to find the message in their hearts, let it seep from pen to pad, and then articulate it in ways that moves the hearts and minds of those who will read and hear.


Fom Teacher to Student, From Soul to Soul (The Power of Mentoring)
Tavares explores the concepts of mentoring by commission (intentional mentoring) and mentoring by omission (mentoring that occurs by default as students observe an instructor’s work ethic and demeanor). He examines the how’s and why’s of mentoring and illustrates how mentoring can be infused into a classroom setting. He also details how formal mentoring programs may be facilitated and gives a step by step approach to crafting effective mentoring programs for a school setting. The presentation shows the powerful impact that mentoring has on the life of the student and the mission of the teacher.


From Mastery to Mission (Utilizing Multiple Intelligences and Differentiated Instruction)
Drawing on his experience as an educator, Tavares has sculpted a workshop that will help teachers bring out the best in their students. In this workshop, Tavares shares philosophy, testimonials, data, student work samples, and teacher lesson plans, that help teachers understand how differentiated instruction and a multiple intelligences approach help students excel. In addition, he walks teachers through in-class exercises where they become students themselves and experience strategies studied in the seminar. It is a can’t miss opportunity for educators to converse with a fellow educator possessing a proven track record of success, one who still walks in the trenches with students, and is finding ways to help them rise to greater levels of success. At the conclusion of the workshop, Tavares also shares a presentation that vividly illustrates how differentiated instruction and a multiple intelligences approach profoundly affected his life as a student, teacher, and performing artist.