The poetry and spoken word of Tavares Stephens is usually described as “relevant, thought provoking, and intense.” No matter if the subject is social action, education, love, family, or self-actualization, Tavares appeals to multiple crowds and always connects with his audience. He is the author of Soulfood Café, a book of poetry featuring poems on social, political, and spiritual awareness. He has also produced two spoken word CD s (Primal Cause and Lend Me Your Ear). Tavares has performed in venues across the country. He is a former member of Poetry Atlanta’s National Slam Team and was featured on “Spoken”, a nationally broadcasted cable television show highlighting poets whose voices are blessing and inspiring the masses.

Poetry in Action

Bring Tavares for a live poetry performance at your school, church or organization. His Words, Life, Power presentation is part performance, part motivational speaking, and part lessons in life. Tavares shares insight and inspiration that steers both young and old toward their purpose and destiny. He shares poems and stories centering on themes such as the value of family, the call to social responsibility, having vision and hope for the future, and the power of education. Tavares’ work finds its basis in real life, relevant issues that effect youth, their parents, and this world in which we live. To hear him speak is to experience hope, faith, and destiny as it comes alive in human form.