Youth Empowerment

Tavares Stephens is committed to motivating and empowering youth through performance poetry and mentoring young writers and artist.

Words, Life, Power Performance Poetry Presentation

Tavares’ performance poetry presentation is part performance, part motivational speaking, and part lessons in life. Tavares shares insight and inspiration that steers both young and old toward their purpose and destiny. He shares poems and stories centering on themes such as the value of family, the call to social responsibility, having vision and hope for the future, and the power of education. Tavares’ work finds its basis in real life, relevant issues that effect youth, their parents, and this world in which we live. To hear him speak is to experience hope, faith, and destiny as it comes alive in human form.

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DREAM (An Exploration of Creative Writing)

At the age of twelve, Tavares penned his first poem. By the age of eighteen, he was writing vociferously and had a collection of over 100 pieces. By the age of twenty-one, Tavares landed his first book contract and since then he’s written feature freelance editorials and created spoken word media. Through all of his accomplishments, Tavares understands the energy creative writing can bring to the author and to his/her audiences. In Tavares’ workshop, he shares ideas, techniques, and strategies that aid young writers in finding their voice and their presence on stage. Combining his experiences as a teacher, writer, and performer, he shows students how to find the message in their hearts, let it seep from pen to pad, and then articulate it in ways that moves the hearts and minds of those who will read and hear.

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VerbalEyze & the Writer’s Cooperative

VerbalEyze is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves to foster, promote, and support the development and professional growth of emerging young adult writers. Through its Writers Cooperative, VerbalEyze  helps young writers and performers by providing access to public performance spaces, writers workshops, and publication opportunities.

For more information about VerbalEyze and the Writer’s Cooperative, visit the VerbalEyze website.